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Hmmmm.... Still not in the least bit interesting, eh?

It's..... BEEN MODIFIED!!! (Call the National Guard)

Why don't you leave a message to say you called?

Here's my Mk 1 empeg player installed in the green Mini (now RIP), Flyp...

...and here's photos of the Mk 2 installed in Loony the Laguna

If you're interested in empegs, here's the links to the owner's meet websites, held in Amersfoort.

Why don't you visit the unofficial empeg/Riocar BBS?

The Empeg BBS

If you're an empeg owner in need of spares or repairs, go to the empeg Repair website for more info.

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This is what I'm listening to, and reading, at the moment.

Here's my blog, for what it's worth.

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